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Rattan Planter

  • Rattan Planter

Rattan Webbing Drypot Planter

Our Rattan Pot with Tub is a classic design. The perfect wicker style planter, modern rural meets Hampton's city chic.

Unique in the shape these Rattan Pots work perfectly as a single feature or grouped. 

This egg-shaped Rattan Pot fits all spaces large or small, it is a rattan basket with a strong plastic inner. Even though the Dry pot range has the authentic look of traditional rattan basketry it has a much longer lifespan because the basket rests on the plastic bottom of the planter.

Great for inside use to prevent water leaks but with the style of a wicker basket.


420 X 420MM

2020-10-01 15:25:48 +1300

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