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Reindeer Hide

  • Reindeer Hide
  • Reindeer Hide
  • Reindeer Hide
  • Reindeer Hide

Gorgeous and soft Reindeer Hide. 

Reindeer skin rugs are very popular in interior design, scandinavian style. 

Look great on the end of your bed or draped over the sofa or a leather chair.

All hides have unique character and markings and the photo is indicative only. We have these instore, so you are welcome to pop in and pick a specific one if you like. 

Like most animal hides, reindeer are delicate hides. They are best to avoid heat. Our hides are ethically sourced by-products.

These hide around 125cm long and 95cm wide. But each one is different, so this size is a guide only. 

2016-11-10 14:06:57 +1300

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