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Outdoor Cushion - Black White Stripes

  • Outdoor Cushion - Black White Stripes

Beautiful outdoor cushion in black and white stripes.

Made from the Acquablock® fabric.

Includes inner.

Size 50*50cm

About Acquablock®:

Acquablock® is an intelligent fabric, designed from the concepts of Biomimetics. It has several technological characteristics and differentials. It protects against the action of the sun, repels water and brings more colour and life to the environments, be they internal or external.

  • 72% cotton and 28% polyester (for strength)
  • Waterproof
  • Sun resistant
  • Stretch resistant
  • Fungi resistant
  • Oil and liquid stain resistant
  • Crack resistant

2020-03-25 22:30:34 +1300

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