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Nero Arch Art Print

  • Nero Arch Art Print
  • Nero Arch Art Print
  • Nero Arch Art Print
  • Nero Arch Art Print

Layers of modern black geometric shapes are positioned on the picture plane. The ‘golden mean’ or ‘divine subdivision’ ratio was used by artist Tory Burke to achieve a fine balance in her composition with the Nero Arch.

Each design is a reproduction of Tory's original paintings printed on high quality museum grade canvas, limited to 50 copies.

  • The edition number is officially registered with Studio Elwood.
  • Signed by the artists hand on the back of the artwork as to not interrupt the design.
  • Painted from above, the artwork can be oriented landscape or horizontal depending on your install requirements.

Dimensions of art print: 760mm (H) x 505mm (W)

Prints can be purchased unframed or with an option of gallery-style floating frames. Please contact us for more details on frame options.

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