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Natural Sharpening Stone

  • Natural Sharpening Stone

Sharp your knives in a easy way.

To use wet, with a 20 degrees angle with the blade.

Natural Sharpening Stone from Lombardi. The quarries of Lombardi are known to produce some of the world best natural sharpening stones. The natural Lombardi stone has been recognized since the 15th century for its outstanding sharpening qualities due to its perfect, uniform balance of quartz and carbonates. 

Made in Italy.

Size: L 102 x W 22 x T 5.2 mm.

About Opinel:

In 1890, Joseph Opinel created the small folding knife named after him in small mountain village in the Savoie region of France. Simple, robust and effective, over time, the Opinel has becomes a universal object, and is still recognised as one of the best knives in the world. Today, with great attention to reliability and practicality, Opinel makes a wide range of knives and tools for all those who appreciate impeccable cutting. Each tool and knife manufactured by Opinel proudly bears the trademark of the Crowned Hand.

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