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Iron Console

  • Iron Console

A spectacular focal point design to look at & a wonderful practical piece of furniture for storage, reducing the clutter in your bedroom, lounge, bathroom, grand entrance, kitchen, butler's pantry or office.

The open shelves also help allow your toys & gadgets to breathe and stay cooler, which is perfect for helping maintain their longevity.

Can also be used to store general knicknacks/collectibles, towels, bathroom supplies, kitchen tools - the potential is endless!

Solid Black Iron Console with a matte finish. Looks sleek in any interior.

Dimensions: Width 140 x Depth 36 x Height 86 cm

Please note that due to the moulding process used, slight surface imperfections may be evident.

Please contact us for a shipping quote for this item as a bulk freight charge will apply. 

2020-07-15 13:07:16 +1200

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