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Alba Arch Art Print

  • Alba Arch Art Print
  • Alba Arch Art Print
  • Alba Arch Art Print
  • Alba Arch Art Print

The Alba Arch. 'Alba’ is the Latin word for white. This modern painting by Tory Burke is a play with pure titanium white layers of lux oil paint on a stunning Italian linen surface. The arcing shapes are strategically layered on the picture plane to create a circular motion within the dynamic composition. Your eye is stimulated to move around the artwork from one layer to another creating a peaceful flow and fine balance.

Each design is a reproduction of Tory's original paintings printed on high quality museum grade canvas, limited to 50 copies.

  • The edition number is officially registered with Studio Elwood.
  • Signed by the artists hand on the back of the artwork as to not interrupt the design.
  • Painted from above, the artwork can be oriented landscape or horizontal depending on your install requirements.

Dimensions of art print: 760mm (H) x 505mm (W)

Prints can be purchased unframed or with an option of gallery-style floating frames. Please contact us for more details on frame options.

2021-10-13 11:30:59 +1300

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